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I cannot recommend this story enough. Do you know what kind of mastermind you have to be in order to create a story with this much depth and care? Not a single detail goes unnoticed in this comic, and every chapter leaves you wanting more. Anything really. Anything please.

This started off as a cool edgy lil comic about street racing- bike racing actually, and it taught me a lot along the way. From terminology to bike parts, to basic road manners. But I never felt like I was being lectured to, the characters did such a wonderful job of sharing this knowledge that it never felt forced.

And the characters!! Oh my gosh they’re amazingly well written. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ensemble cast handled with this much depth and complexity. Each character has a purpose, a story, a life outside of the confines of the main plotline that it really does feel like I’m reading a slice of life.

I’m in love with Shelly’s character, and Mina’s, and I love how strong the women in this comic are. They’re allowed to be feminine and confident, because that’s how women really are. And their strengths are all portrayed differently. Some are outwardly strong and you can feel it radiating off of them from across the room, while others are quieter.

Please give this comic a chance, I know it’s long but it is so so worth it!

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